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Discovering the Hear of a Home within Multifamily Leasing.

Discovering the Heart of Home

Discovering the Heart of home within a Multifamily Property.

Abraham Maslow, an influential American psychologist of the 20th century, placed shelter and security on the foundational level of his hierarchy of needs pyramid, signifying their critical role in our well-being.

The walls and roof merely enclose a structure in the physical sense. Many people live and work under a roof without considering it their home. Such structure lacks something that makes a home: history and a common purpose. A house is a living habitat. A home extends and adds to that definition.

A home is a rare sanctuary where we can achieve both ordinary and not-so-simple goals that have gotten away from us in our pursuit of balance in a hectic world. For 12 months of the year, from budding trees to falling snowflakes, to the millions of unseen snarls of light in between, a home is a business filled with schedules — schedules that never reach completion, schedules that track every room, chair, pew, and bed. A home reaches out to time so it doesn’t escape from us so rapidly. A home says, “This is where I will do everything I can.”

As leasing professionals, we find our duties stretching far beyond the transactional process of leasing an apartment. Our role is about understanding and appreciating the emotional significance of a resident finding a home. This is a role that involves being part guide, confidant, and dream weaver in an individual’s life story.

Being able to give someone a space to call their own is not only a professional accomplishment but a deeply gratifying emotional experience.

I will never forget my early days in multifamily operations — and one memorable experience, in particular, was my first ever lease. A college student and his anxious mother were preparing for him to live away from home for the first time. It was clear from her expression, a weight of duty and anxiety hanging over her, that the mother was about to place her only child into the care of strangers nearly 6 hours from her protective reach.

Assisting with a lease was not simply aiding a rental agreement; it was alleviating a mom’s concerns and giving that young adult a significant push toward being on his own. When he settled on the right place, the mix of relief and excitement on both their faces was priceless.

That day was an unforgettable moment of self-actualization for me. I didn’t do it for the leasing commission or to meet my weekly leasing goal. This experience marked the start of a career in multifamily that was not just a job but instead a mission.

As a leasing professional, you are a front-line consultant. You combine your practical skills and knowledge about the community with enthusiasm to meet and serve every person who comes through your leasing office. People will come to you with questions about your community and rely on you to help them find the perfect space to call home. This is why even after seeing your availability and offerings online, they still call or visit your community. You know that people shop with their eyes, but you also know the real close comes when you close yourself. Prospective renters find homes because of you.

Assisting individuals in finding solace within a specific location goes beyond monetary outcomes; it is about being there for another on their journey through life by providing them with the cornerstone of their stability and contentedness.

When we’re thinking about a career in leasing, it’s not just about the physical community and apartment units. It’s about stories, emotions, and life transitions. Every client has a unique story and comes with a set of hopes and fears.

As a professional in multifamily, we’re known to have the key to open the door. Since 1961, the key has come to symbolize our responsibility which is greater than opening doors. The key unlocks homes and new chapters in people’s lives. The heft of that responsibility and the significance of that privilege make our profession much more than a job — it is a calling.

A career in leasing is a voyage into emotions and self-fulfillment. It is joining hands with your client and creating a home for them, rather than simply putting them in an apartment. Leasing, if you let it, will not only bring value to someone’s life but will return to you all of that and more.

Geri Bettencourt, MBA | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

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