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Making positive first impressions to make connections.

Positive First Impressions – Gateway to Thriving Prospect Connections

Making positive first impressions to make connections.

Creating a positive first impression is more than vital in multifamily leasing. It is the foundation upon which successful leasing relationships are built. In this article, we will discuss the delicate yet critical details of making a good first impression.

We’ve learned that, “First impressions begin from the initial moment they speak to you on the phone.” Voice inflection, warmth, and energy level shape that first impression. Such conversation over the phone should convey an enthusiasm to help and explore their interest in making your community their new home.

For onsite visits, the first impression is set even before the prospective renter steps out of their car. How easy is it to find the property? Is there clear signage? Is there designated parking for future residents and, importantly, are there available parking spaces? These basic needs are often overlooked, but they set the stage for an overall experience.

Besides, the attractiveness of a property’s exterior and the strategic placement of the property’s leasing office with effective directional signs also create a positive initial impression. A property’s external charm can catch the eye of a prospective renter during a drive-by. The real first significant interaction, however, occurs with the warm welcome they receive at the leasing office. Upon entering, the immediacy of acknowledgment sets the tone. The journey progresses as they meet either a concierge or a leasing agent like Jaime, who engages with the question, “How easy was it for you to locate us here?” As typical of an experienced leasing specialist, Jaime attentively takes note of the potential renter’s opinions. These early interactions are pivotal, leaving an impression that endures well beyond the visit.

Whether or not a prospective renter chooses to take the next step or continue their search may depend on the answers to these questions. Our responses ensure that leasing services are not only about creating an environment that not only welcomes but impresses and reassures the prospective renter of the overall quality and professionalism of the community. Can you accurately answer the above questions, and if so, are you sure prospects are seeing the right first impression?

Paying attention to these details could be the difference between a prospective renter choosing to learn more about the community or deciding right then and there to exit without engaging in the tour.

Let us consider this analogy: getting ready for a big romantic date. The time and effort we put into our looks and arrival are significant. With careful thought given to an outfit (trying out several of them), hairstyle, accessories, and fragrance, paired with paying special attention to grooming and embodying a confident presentation, we want to make a great impression. As leasing front-liners, we also should think of ourselves as being on a date — one that will lead to a subsequent date or maybe a more serious commitment. Our professional presentation, a demonstration of punctuality, attire, grooming, overall appearance, and confident communication are a reflection of the community.

The financial agreement from a future resident, which is frequently an investment of thousands of dollars per year, is massively hinged on these first few moments. The leasing agent’s presentation and professionalism will not just reflect the community but also set a standard for what level of service and care is to be expected in current and future interactions.

When it comes to leasing, first impressions are a blend of acute awareness, poised presentation, and keyed-in indicators that surround us. Looks are a consideration, but far more critical is whether trust is established, business is transacted professionally, and the most mutually optimum tone is set. Reasonably underlying all of these is a conviction in the future – a polite business investment made at the front end. By dedicating effort and showing enthusiasm in this crucial window, leasing agents can increase the odds dramatically that an initial contact will one day become a resident and a customer for a long time to come.

Geri Bettencourt, MBA | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

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