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3 REV team members

Experts in Leasing. Innovators in Industry.

For years, REV™ has been the preferred partner for multifamily owners seeking premium leasing performance. Our Leasing Management Services excelled in situations where clients had exhausted all other options,  consistently exceeded budgeted goals and delivered success.

The two pillars of our performance—Intelligence through Leasing Management and Implementation through Leasing Professionals—formed the bedrock of our two current industry-wide offerings.

The REV Leasing Score and REV Leasing University are now available as tools to the industry to enhance leasing performance and unlock elevated revenue ceilings and asset equity.


Peter Roisman

Co-Founding Principal, President, and CEO

Harris Simons

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Bruce Simons

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Geri Bettencourt, MBA

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Our Team

Candace Crew


Christopher “Gio” Giottonini

Vice President

Marion Hubbard

Sr. Director, Finance, HR & Administration

Roxanne Johnson

Sr. Director, Leasing Management & HR

Christin Haines

Sr. Project Manager, RLU

Jayesh Rathore

Sr. Project Manager, RLS & Data Science

Jack Reich

Project Manager, RLS

Ryan Byrd

Manager, Creative Team & Social Media

Tonya Jenkins

Sr. Specialist, Recruitment & Onboarding

Krysta Martindale

Sr. Specialist, Leasing Analysis & EA Success Advising

Syed Moin Ahmed

Sr. Specialist, Leasing Analysis & Data Science

Gaby Loya

Specialist, Leasing Analysis & EA Success Advising

April Tawater

Specialist, Leasing Analysis & EA Success Advising

Emily Ridgaway

Specialist, Creative Team