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Modern apartment building exterior view

REV Leasing Score™

RLS is a powerful tech-driven business intelligence tool empowering multifamily teams, from ownership to leasing management, with a streamlined approach to evaluate and enhance leasing operations.

RLS offers a high-ROI, comprehensive evaluation of over 500 data points on an apartment community’s ability to provide an optimal leasing experience, secure lease signings, and maximize revenue and asset equity.

  • Customized Assessments
  • Increased Competitive Edge

REV Leasing University™

Knowledge is Power.

Integral to RLS, and exclusively available to its users, RLU is a first-of-it-kind, scalable e-learning platform delivering leasing operations and management curriculum engineered to enhance leasing teams’ skills and performance.

The RLU courses are customized according to the RLS report insights to address the areas where leasing teams need the most improvement, empowering them to self-correct and evolve autonomously.

  • Build an Efficient Leasing Team
  • Reduce Turnover

REV™ up your leasing℠.

Maximize your equity.