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Case Studies

The Substance of REV’s Leasing Expertise 

A glimpse into our track record of successes providing exceptional solutions through onsite leasing management. The two pillars of our success were Intelligence and Implementation. Repetition and consistency in results brought us to where we are today.

Our repeated methods and processes to dissect leasing operations, diagnose deficiencies, and strategize leasing initiatives are the foundations that we have been able to capture in the REV Leasing Score. From training and developing hundreds of REV Leasing Professionals, we identified how to best cultivate the necessary leasing skills and proficiencies to deliver exceptional results: The foundations of REV Leasing University.

Lewisville, TX – 200-250 Units

Underperforming Lease-Up, Inaccurate Metric Reporting, Undiagnosed Leasing Failures

Client sought REV’s services for community, reporting that: property was formerly stabilized above 93% occupancy be…

Dallas, TX – 350 Units

14-Week Stagnant Occupancy, Construction, Underreported Traffic

Client sought REV’s services for community, reporting: unable to increase distressed occupancy above 78% trailing 3…

Dallas, TX – ~850 Units

Increased Leasing Performance Through Holiday Season

Client sought REV’s services for portfolio of 3 communities, reporting: negative outlook entering October, an antic…