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As I look back on my journey in the leasing industry, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. From the outset, I’ve been surrounded by remarkable leaders, mentors, and companies. The teams I’ve led have been both my sounding board and guiding light. Each strategy session and operational challenge was enriched by my teammates’ insights and passion, consistently enhancing my leadership skills. Every day provided a new learning opportunity, molding me into not only a better leader but also a more insightful individual.

Moreover, we often hear that the strongest structures owe their stability to deep roots and a sturdy foundation. My foundation in multifamily portfolio operations and on-site leasing projects attests to this age-old wisdom. Each interaction, challenge, and success added another layer to this foundation. Through the years, I’ve gleaned vital attributes from various experiences, lessons, and moments of innovation. Together, they formed a potent recipe for leasing success, merging tried and true knowledge with effective skills and forward-thinking strategies that improved the financial health of many assets. This maxim on success being anchored by roots was, to me, more than just a theory. It signified an ownership mindset emphasizing efficiency, results, and visionary operations.

While the allure of the next big thing, groundbreaking innovations, and the promise of ‘more’ is ever-present, we must remember the importance of the basics before embarking on larger quests. As the saying goes, “You have to crawl before you can run.” This resonates deeply with me. Interestingly, many studies and reviews reveal that the challenges we face are often not due to a lack of advanced skills but a need to master foundational ones.

As we move forward and welcome the opportunities for growth and innovation, it’s crucial to remember the enduring power of a strong foundation. Because, at its core, it’s mastering the basics that lifts us to greater heights.

Geri Bettencourt, MBA | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

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Geri Bettencourt, MBA