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From Ambiguity to Accuracy:
Make Informed Leasing Decisions.

Leasing Uncertainty is Making Your Revenues a Gamble.

REV Leasing Score is Your Vehicle to Actionable Intelligence, Untapped Leasing Performance, and Unrealized Revenue Success.

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Introducing REV Leasing Score

The Only Comprehensive, Objective Assessment for Your Leasing Operations.

  • Over 500 Data Points Analyzed

  • Customized Insights

  • Actionable Recommendations

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How REV Leasing Score (RLS) Works.

Step 1

Data Collection

Step 2

Analysis and Reporting

Step 3

Platform for Success

Data Collection

The Difference is in the Data.

RLS is Utilizing Innovative Techniques to Generate and Collect Robust Leasing Datasets

      • Independent collection of over 500 primary data points on fundamental leasing behaviors exhibited during phone, online, and in-person leasing interactions
      • Data collection spans multiple weeks to encompass unique leasing experiences of multiple prospective renters
      • Informing powerful and precise insights into the leasing performance of a property without any reliance on property systems  

    Analysis and Reporting

    Comprehensive Analysis, Powerful New KPIs

    RLS Reporting Delivers the First Thorough, Data-Driven Analysis of Leasing Operations and Performance

        • Hybrid Approach: Analysis combines expert-informed insights with advanced data science and quantitative models to achieve optimal results
        • Comprehensive and Intuitive Scoring: RLS operates on a 700-point scale, akin to a credit score, offering a holistic view of your community’s leasing capabilities
        • Three P’s: A community’s leasing score is the sum of three core components—People, Product, Process—each analyzed independently and scored in percentages to indicate the capacity each is independently contributing to leasing performance
        • Actionable Insights: Derived from REV’s tried-and-true methodologies, the report provides actionable recommendations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that have a real impact on your bottom line
        • Optimal KPIs: Provides leasing-centric metrics of controllable performance variables that drive results, better informing executive decisions and onsite initiatives than common results-oriented approach to leasing KPIs  

    Platform for Success

    Integrated Training, Performance Monitoring, Ongoing Success

    RLS and REV Leasing University (RLU) Form a Closed-Loop Solution: The “What to Do and How to Do it” for Exceptional Leasing Performance

        • Precise Insights and Actionable Recommendations : In addition to enhanced transparency into leasing operations, RLS provides a precise diagnoses of leasing deficiencies and presents tailored recommendations to focus priorities on improving high-impact leasing factors     
        • RLU: A comprehensive, customized learning environment tailored to insights provided by RLS. RLU is your team’s resource for developing a continuously expanding arsenal of leasing skills to execute directives and strategies identified by RLS reporting
        • Forward-Looking Metrics and Monitoring to Protect Your Bottom Line: Continued RLS reporting provides users with a monitor of the fundamental, independent factors affecting leasing performance over time and against strategic initiatives and market influences. Downturns in RLS metrics can signal underlying leasing deficiencies for remedy before compounding failures impact occupancies, revenues, and your bottom line 

    REV Leasing Score: Your Competitive Edge In Multifamily Leasing

    Boost property revenue and portfolio value with RLS. Leverage data-driven, expert-informed leasing decisions for standout results.

    We’re seeking partners who recognize the value of top-notch leasing performance and are ready to fully leverage RLS.

    Join us now for a low-risk, high-value opportunity with no operational downside risk.
    • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Optimize Your Leasing Strategy

    • Maximize ROI

    • Compare Across Portfolios: Properties and Personnel

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