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A Strategic Vision for Tomorrow: Diversifying Talent in Leasing

The leasing sector rewards those who continually adapt to the ever-changing economic and social environment. On that account, we took bold, adaptive steps in the formative years of REV™ by moving away from conventional hiring practices.

Initially, we observed industry norms and primarily recruited personnel with significant experience in leasing, on whom we established our operations on their knowledge and expertise. But, as challenges mount, we find that a more diverse approach to talent acquisition is not only beneficial but essential.

The case for diverse talent pools

During my time at REV™, I’ve had the honor of witnessing the remarkable ascent of individuals from backgrounds quite distinct from the classic leasing profile. Their varied experiences in fields like sales, hospitality, education, and even professions as unique as truck driving have infused our teams with fresh, dynamic, and motivating perspectives.

That being said, disrupting hiring conventions isn’t just about tapping into different industries. It’s about identifying and leveraging the versatile skills these professionals offer — skills that might be underappreciated elsewhere but shine brightly in our domain. Guided by proper training and mentorship, these individuals have not only risen to the occasion but also regularly exceeded expectations.

A collaborative approach to talent development

Diversifying our talent pool is just the first step. To our respected building owners, financial partners, operators, and notably, our HR and Training Departments, the emphasis on mentorship and structured guidance cannot be overstated. Through these relationships, we shape, guide, and elevate these talents to meet the exacting benchmarks of our industry.

Looking ahead with confidence

While the path forward holds its uncertainties, our stance on talent remains resolute. By adopting a diversified approach to talent sourcing and retention, we reinvigorate our industry and further strengthen our core, forging resilience to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Again, our strategic shift towards inclusivity and diversity is more than just an initiative. It’s an investment in the robust future of our industry. This pivot in managing human resources ensures our multifamily assets stand as more than mere structures: they represent innovation and inclusivity.

Geri Bettencourt, MBA | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

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